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#14 Women Artists: Debra Frasier

By June 17, 2018May 13th, 2021The Kerlan Blog


Collage artist, Debra Frazier’s most well-known and best-selling book is On The Day You Were Born

This is a visual and lyrical celebration of all babies being born.

In Minnesota, Debra Frazier is the star of the Minnesota State Fair as the founder of the Alphabet Village. The Alphabet Village is based on her picture book, A Fabulous Fair Alphabet. Fair attendees can do a an alphabet scavenger hunt, win a blue ribbon, create their own Ferris wheel and send a letter.


Debra Frasier strings up signs for the State Fair, as Laura Morlock looks on. Frasier, the artist who originated Alphabet Forest, is turning the 5-year-old attraction over to the State Fair, to be headed up by Morlock, photographed in Lauderdale, Mn. on Monday, August 18, 2014. (Pioneer Scott Takushi)

And remember what we say at the alphabet Forest: “leave the fair with more words than you brought!” 

Deborah Frazier gets teachers, gets literacy and her books have tons of elementary classroom applications.

Her website is rich with writing prompts and suggestions.

Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster is
a hilarious romp through the usually
not-so-funny world of vocabulary.
Sage misses school due to a cold and
from there the misunderstanding begins.
But “miscellaneous” is finally revealed
for the word it truly is, and Sage manages
to redeem herself in a marvelous and inspiring creative leap.

This science companion to Miss Alaineus proves that water, H-O-H, H2O, is the most miraculous of substances in this wacky play set on a neighborhood stage.  

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