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#OperationReadAloud and Red Balloon on MPR

By April 24, 2020May 13th, 2021The Kerlan Blog

Holly from Red Balloon and I

will be on MPR this morning at 11:00 am talking to Angela Davis about children’s books and being at home during the pandemic.

I’ve been thinking about books.

I’ve been thinking about books and writing.

I’ve been thinking about mental health.

I’ve been thinking about “delights” and “gratitude.”

For example

One of my favorite books from the past year is Thanku: Poems of Gratitude. This collection was edited by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Marlena Myles (Millbrook Press)


This book is available on-line free from EPIC Books. A teacher needs to signup and can share the codes with parents and caregivers.



Appreciation Equations by Becky Shillington

(family + friends)+ love= a thankful heart

Kindness [infinity symbol]= A Better World

New Kid divided by hello equals Hope

Mountains plus Trees plus Oceans plus Sun equals nature’s gifts 4 every 1

I see a side walk drawing on the cement path up to my front door.

Who made this day brightening chalk drawing of a fluffy cloud and pink heart?


I look out my window!

Is that Dora?

I wrote a math poem.


Mysterios visitor plus chalk equals less loneliness.


Mysterios doesn’t look right.

I look it up.

I find the right spelling and that I have been using the word correctly.

Mysterious: impossible to identify

I revise.

Can you write your own math poems?

Appreciation equations?

List what delights and what you are grateful for.

Put it in an equation.

What are we learning?

Or really what concepts are we reviewing?

Addition, subtraction, infinity, division.  What else?

Practicing decoding skill, reading, and writing?

What else?


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