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Best Summer Ever @ Children’s Theatre Company with Kevin Kling

By July 12, 2018May 13th, 2021The Kerlan Blog

I guess this is called a soft opening

I didn’t know anything about The Best Summer Ever except that it was written by Kevin Kling and I am a huge fan.
Here he is On Being interviewed by Krista Tippet. CLICK HERE
From his website
Kevin Kling is a well-known playwright and storyteller, and his commentaries can be heard on NPR’s All Things Considered. His plays and adaptations have been performed around the world. He lives in Minneapolis.

Brilliant, Suspenseful Storytelling

I saw Best Summer Ever last night.
People who know me- my very special needs makes sitting very difficult. I don’t often go to the theater or concerts or movies or readings. This is the most engaging piece of theater that I have seen in years. Kevin Kling, who people might know from NPR essays stars in this almost one-person show about how summer is experienced through the eyes of an early elementary kid, Morris (named for Maurice Chevalier.) Quoting my notes “Brilliant, suspenseful storytelling” Did I mention that Morris has a smart big sister, a if-there-is-trouble look for big brother Marv, and a pet chicken named Joyce.
AND if you need a laugh in these troubled times, this play fits the bill. The minimalist set calls to mind a suburban back yard– webbed lawn chairs, weber grill, that red wagon (some kind of flyer?) There are backdrop graphics that range from animated cartoons, child-like drawings, and Hans Christian Anderson paper-cut puppets.
And a jack-of-all trades musician, Victor Zupanc provided mood, music, sound effects, sing-alongs, emphasis, and audio puns. (really just go, you will thank me) He plays percussion, bells, cymbals, guitar, the open strings of the broken underneath of a piano (?) chimes, accordion, chimes, kazoo, and various brass instruments.
Definitely for kids and their families. About 2nd grad and up. Kevin was not only engaging but had a joyful spontaneity when interrupted by young audience members. It was great fun watching him improvise and use a suggestion from one of the front rows without missing a beat.
Outside Minnesota? – we have a downstairs walkout with its own bathroom. Reserve now.

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