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Authors Reading Aloud! Stephanie Calmensen

By March 15, 2020May 13th, 2021The Kerlan Blog

I am gathering content from the internet. This video is from KidLit TV.

Stephanie and her dog Harry

Stephanie Calmenson

Stephanie Calmenson is one of my favorite authors of picture books for young children. Her words sing off the page. The page-turns are just right. I was first introduced to Stephanie through her visiting dog, Rosie. As a public and school children’s librarian, I don’t think I could have survived story time and summer reading without her books written with Joanna Cole: The Eensty Weensty Spider, Why did the Chicken Cross the Road, and Miss Mary Mack. May I Pet Your Dog is the perfect primer for meeting canines on the street.

But if I had to pick one book to read aloud to a group of pre-schoolers, it would have to be the counting concept book, Dinner at Panda Palace.

Stephanie Calmenson reads DINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE! Can Panda make room for one more guest?



Off the Page


The restaurant was humming.

The waiters moved fast.

Feeding fifty five diners Was no easy task.

Counting on pages 22 – 23: Ask children to count the number of tables.

Ask children to count the number of diners at each table. Ask children to count all the diners on these two pages.

For children who are able to add, have them add the diners at each table — 1 + 2 + 3 etc. — to see if they get to 55.

How many animals are there on these two pages? (Answer: 58, including Mr. Panda and 2 alligator waiters.)

Shapes on pages 4 – 5: What shape are the dinner plates? [Circles]

What shape are the napkins? [Triangles] What shape is elephant’s suitcase? [Rectangle]

What shapes are on the pattern of the tablecloths? [Squares]

For more teaching guides, please visit Dinner at the Panda Palace Teaching Guide (c) 2014 by Stephanie Calmenson. This guide may be copied and shared, but is not for use in any collection designed for sale without Author’s permission.

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