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Authors Reading-Aloud: Bruce Hale, Big Bad Baby

By March 16, 2020May 13th, 2021The Kerlan Blog

Many librarians, authors, and illustrators thought it would be great to have children’s book creators reading aloud to families at home.

Here is Bruce Hale.

Bruce Hale

How do I know Bruce Hale?

I first met Bruce Hale through his Chet Gecko mystery series. These are punny laugh-out-loud noir transitional readers.

Chet Gecko Series Covers



Big Bad Baby

Big Bad Baby

written by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Steve Breen, Dial Books for Young Readers, Random House Penguin, 2004.

Editorial Cartoonist and Picture Book Illustrator, Steve Breen

The illustrator, Steve Breen is an editorial cartoonist at the San Diego Union Tribune here is his recent work with a link

MARCH 13, 2020 10 PM

Here is Bruce Reading Aloud Big Bad Baby

Screenshot of video

Video link of Bruce Hale reading Big Bad Baby

What Families in Italy Have Said

Feedback from the locked down families in Italy on Bruce Hale‘s Big Bad Baby (Ill grande bimbo cattivo) read aloud. From a preschool teacher who shared it with her classroom families. “one family was very impressed that an author across the ocean read to their children” “One father had problems to understand every word, but loved it.” “Two mothers said it was fun and lovely.” “The children laughed a lot about the stinky diaper.”

Do you have something to say to Bruce or about the book. Post a comment and I will share them with him.

Off the Page Response

If you were a big bad baby, what big bad things would you do?

How would someone shrink you down again?

Do You like to Cartoon?

What does being at home with your grown-ups look like today?

What it looks like working from home.

Fun Stuff From Bruce

How to Write a Story

Bruce writes on his website

“We are all storytellers. And story is all around us. After all, what is a TV show or a movie? What is a book? And what do you tell your parents when they ask, “Why’d you come home so late?” You guessed it: a story.

You can write a story about anything you want — and it helps to pick something you’re passionate about. All you need to know are the basics. You wouldn’t bake a cake without knowing the ingredients, right? So before you write, it helps to know the ingredients of a story.

There are three great secrets to creating a story… unfortunately, nobody knows what they are. Just kidding.”

For more follow this link

Bruce’s Favorite Bookstore


is Chaucer’s Books in Santa Barbara, California. The store is named after the cat.

Chaucer’s Book Store

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